4 Tips to Write an Essay About Yourself


Writing a personal essay can be a very tricky thing, you have to dig deep into your inner self in order to create an attractive essay. Even though it implies a small amount of casualness, it still needs to be coherent and attractive. The opening part of the essay is very important because it has two different purposes. The first one is to attract the reader’s attention and raise his interest. The second one is about describing the main topic of the essay and how it affected you.

To do this two things at once, there are 4 methods you can choose from, each one of these ones has his advantages and disadvantages. You should study your topic and choose the one that suits you best.

1.     Use a quote

When starting your essay with a quotation you should make a thorough search and choose the quote that describes or relates to your topic. Giving the quote of one of your influencers as a preamble for your essay can have a serious impact on your reader. Following it up with a personal touch can translate this emotional impact you had on the reader. You make use of this emotions and create a bond between your essay and its reader, thus make him want to find out more about you.

2.     Use rhetorical questions

Using rhetorical questions to start your essay can be quite tricky. If used correctly, they can have a positive psychological effect. The things you should clearly avoid when using this type of introductory phrase are the cliches. That is because they can generate indignation and repulsion towards your essay.

If used correctly, this type of introductory paragraphs can have a positive impact on the reader and the overall impression can increase drastically. This type of questions can generate one of the best custom essays out there and can guarantee your success.

3.     Arouse your reader’s feelings

A successful essay will get its reader’s attention and will make him get involved emotionally. For you to do that, your essay needs to be intriguing. The topic needs to stimulate your reader’s emotions and create a debate. This debate will generate a curiosity for your reader and he will wish to know the outcome of your essay.

This kind of essays can be created by doing a meticulous research on the topic you write about. After you finished your research, you should pinpoint the phrases and paragraphs that create the wanted effect. Use this paragraphs to intensify the impact your essay has on your readers.

4.     Create a captivating story

Even though your essay is academic or professional purposes, it needs to be a story-like essay. The best way of getting a hold of your reader’s attention is by creating a story, one he will identify with. Because it is a personal essay, its entire topic focuses on external influences and the way they affected your personality.

It doesn’t matter if you start your essay with a quote or with a rhetorical question. The first paragraph should give your readers a strong reason to read your entire essay. It should always offer a sincere insight of your personality and how the topic of your essay affected it.


Writing a personal essay can be very hard because you need to transform informal events into an academic or professional work of art. Apart from that, the essay needs to be very attractive in order to get your readers’ attention and get him involved.

If you want to create a one of a kind personal essay, you can take note of these tips. By using them you will be able to write an essay like a professional, you will be able to get a hold of your readers’ attention right from the start.