5 Ways to Upgrade Your Hallway


Although often an overlooked area, the hallway is a central part of any home that has both important decorative and practical purposes. Here are some ways to help you execute an aesthetically inviting hallway that will greatly enhance the overall decor of your home.

1) The Necessity of a Focal Point

If you have a diminutive hallway, the addition of a focal element, such as photos, artwork or other decorative components, is a shrewd way to draw attention away from its dimensions and to its décor.

2) Keep It Warm and Light

By opting for light or neutral warm colours, you will create the illusion of a bigger and brighter hallway. Furthermore, lights are a crucial component to your décor, as they can not only brighten a space but also greatly enrich the style and character of your home. For more information see here: https://www.integral-led.com/education/warm-white-or-cool-white.

3) Clear and Simple

Consider decluttering your hallway to keep it clear and simple. Doing so will help cultivate the feeling of a wider and brighter hallway. If your hallway is on the petite side, it is imperative not to overwhelm the space with furniture. Instead, have only necessary furnishings.

4) Optical Illusions for Walls and Carpets

By choosing a uniform trim for your floor and walls you can effortlessly transform your hallway into a warmer and more spacious area. A uniform trim will instantly create an intimate and welcoming environment.

If you want to create the impression of a longer and broader hallway, you can achieve this by simply selecting wallpaper with horizontal stripes. Lighten a dark floor and hallway effortlessly by adding the warmth of carpets – or a runner – in light or neutral colours. Cheap laminate flooring can help, such as that available from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/cheap-laminate-flooring.html.

5) Windows and Mirrors

Windows are a fantastic way to create the impression of spaciousness in your hallway, if it is practical for you to install them. They easily transform a small hallway into a brighter and more open space.

If windows can’t be installed, perhaps mirrors are the solution to creating space in your hallway. By using mirrors, you can not only create the illusion of space in a tight and small hallway but also greatly enhance the décor of your hallway.