Add few more inches to your natural height!


A person’s height defines his personality. A good height adds to the overall look of a person. This does not imply that people with short height are less charming. But a good height is always an added advantage.

Height is something which is naturally given to a person. However external factors like active participating in sports and games and of course good diet also matters when we talk about attaining a good height.  HGH is the common abbreviation for Human Growth Hormone, which is the key factor in deciding a person’s height. There is no doubt that HGH is responsible for height and a dose of this hormone can accentuate height, but only to a certain limit. Other vital factors that play a key role are family history, hereditary, kind and amount of food intake, physical exercise et al, are all crucial when it come to be taller or shorter.

Can HGH make you taller? Human Growth Hormone is produced in the body by pituitary glands, which is a very small gland found in brain. These glands can be called as mater gland as they are responsible not only in increasing the bone size but also controls production of many other glands that are present in the endocrine system.

If it is found that the production of HGH is not at par with the normal standards of height at various ages, then an artificial dose of HGH can be prescribed by the medical practitioner. It is usually in form of injections. It is important to note that these artificial HGH does not come cheap. One has to shell out a fortune to just get an extra inch or inch and a half. This therapy can last upto six months of taking injections almost on daily basis. Thus it involves physical pain as well as financial pain to add few inches. At times there can be severe side effects too that can negatively affect a person.

There are safer alternatives too that can be easily adopted in daily life. Things like:

  • Physical activity: Today’s sedentary life-style has done no good to anyone. Be it a child or an elderly person, everyone is getting affected by it in a negative way. The health is deteriorating at a very fast pace. In such times, getting involved in a lot of physical activities like sports and games will definitely help to not only get a good height but also overall a good health.
  • Healthy diet: It goes without saying, eating right and at right time is the key to good health. This will give a boost to your entire body and being healthy and attaining a good height will not be a farfetched dream.

Post following all the above mentioned steps, if a child has still not of the required height, then talking to a doctor and taking an extra dose of HGH under controlled conditions can help to grow taller.

We can just try to add few inches, for some a little less and for some a little more, after all nature is above everything.