All you need to know about air cooling vs water cooling, industrial cooling system


Why is there such a big need for an industrial cooling system you ask? The answer is simple, in this world where technology is always advancing, manufacturing processes get more complicated and as such, heat is an ever present problem. That is why companies have narrowed down the top two choices for their cooling solution, that is the air cooling and water cooling systems but it is safe to say that these two systems are very different from one another.

Cooling by water

The greatest attraction of companies setting up a industrial cooling system based on water is because they can easily specify which parts or machines that they feel emits the most heat, and then focus their cooling there. Not every part of the machine will require cooling aside from the more critical parts and this is why instead of having to cool the entire system, they can direct their cooling to minute parts of the machines directly.

This ensures that only the most important parts are cooled while other less vital parts can be cooled with other means. The other benefit is that water based cooling systems do not require a lot of space to be set up, as pipes with water flowing through them is all you need.

Cooling by air

For general cooling needs, air cooling systems are the most popular simply because there is no need for any complicated builds which is otherwise necessary for water based cooling systems. This means that the entire system itself will be kept cool as the air from the cooling system will simply spread across every inch of the manufacturing floor.

One other factor that places this method of cooling as high as water based systems is that it is very much cheaper than the former. Companies with non-vital cooling needs often opt for this method to cool their processes and manufacturing so that the heat does not affect their products.

Whether you think your company will need water based cooling systems or air based, it is best to determine that with your internal process engineers. The key factor that will be the main deciding point of this debate is the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated. For heavier industrial use where large amount of heat are produced, always go for liquid based cooling because it is more effective than air.

If your processes do not create as much heat then you can easily go for the air based cooling system to keep your machines cool at all times.