Blend In With The Music OnInternational Jazz Festival Bali 2017


International jazz festival Bali 2017 is an event that will be held on 11th to 12th August 2017 in Ubud village, Bali. This event features the beauty of jazz music and has been going on since 2013. There will be many jazz music composers from different countries who will perform in this event. Among them are composers from Indonesia, German, France, USA, and Austria. If you participate in this event, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful jazz music from the composers who will perform. Not only show the beauty of jazz music, this event will also feature various art around Ubud village. If you travel to Bali, your trip will not be complete without participating in this event.

International jazz festival Bali 2017 eventwill bring a smile on your face, as well as peace of mind from the beautiful music chant.If you are planning to tour Bali, you should consider coming to this event. Because by coming to this event, your tour in Bali will surely be able to give you a new atmosphere, peace of mind, and a clear heart by merging with art. In this event, there will be own accommodation that has been provided as well as a series of activities both day and night that will make your trip more memorable. The series of events that you will live when participating in this event are as follows.

  • First Day Event Schedule

On the first day, you are scheduled to enjoy a series of musical performances from dusk to evening. On this first day too, the opening of the event will be held along with the performance of the music composers who will wash away your soul. Forthe first stage on the first day of the event, you can enjoy a beautiful jazz music by Julian Banks.While in the evening, there will be a final performance from Benny Brown. In addition to these two accomplished musicians, there will be other accomplished musicians who will feature a variety of beautiful music performance for you.

  • Second Day Event Schedule

On the second day, you are scheduled to enjoy the music performance of different musicians from day one. At the beginning of the performance on the second day, you will enjoy the music Performa from Bonny Trio. While in the final performance of the second day, you will enjoy the music performance of Glen Buschmann Jazz Academy Big Band. The event will then proceed with closing ceremony.Other musicians who will perform on the second day, including Gerald Clayton Trio, Maaike Den Dunnen, Benny Likumahua Jazz Connection, and many more.

International jazz festival Bali 2017 in ubudwill undoubtedly bring to you the beauty of the art of jazz music from accomplished musicians. As already rumored, in addition to the performance of jazz musicians, you can also enjoy the performance of local art around the village of Ubud. Here, there will be unique local arts that will open a new horizon to you. If you think in this event you will only enjoy the beauty of music, then you are wrong. Here, you will also join a party with a romantic atmosphere along with jazz music, along with a cup of cocktail.