David Venn- A Man With Multiple Talent


There are many individuals in this world that actually live their lives to the fullest! One such individual is David Venn. He is an enthusiastic person who loves doing a lot of activities. He manages his time well and inspires many people around him that life is too short to waste time and do nothing. He divides his time wisely to all the things that he really loves doing. For him life is not just working and paying the bills- there is a lot more to that! Let us take a look at this inspirational human being and see how he is making a positive difference not only to his life but to all around him.

David Venn is a sales manager in the textile industry. He is into fabric dyeing and loves every moment of his job. The textile industry is a highly demanding one however it is original and unique in every way. There is something new to learn and do every day. David finds his job very motivating and he loves managing his team is young and dynamic sales professionals. He is a really great team player and thanks to his zest for a full life, he inspires his team to give their best and perform well in every area if work. Moreover, he also looks into the salient needs of his company and carefully chalks out sales plans and strategies that have worked outstandingly well for the company. He is well loved and known for his amicable and approachable nature.

Besides, his work, David also likes gaming and watching TV shows with his friends. He believes that every individual should have a positive work-life balance. The TV shows he watches, unwinds him from stress. He loves to play gaming consoles and with his friends the spirits soar. He keeps track of the latest games that hit the market and ensures that he plays all of them with his mates. He enjoys the sounds, music and graphics of the new gaming interfaces that have entered the market today. Most of the gaming consoles provide interactive games that are fun to play with friends. Most of them have entertaining story lines and animated characters that make the thrills of the game even better. His hot favorites are Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders.

David Venn is also devoted and passionate about his pet, Samuel. Samuel is a Labrador retriever and a significant part and parcel of David’s life. In fact, David loves to spend his time with his pet. Both of them make an amazing duo together.

David lives in Sans Francisco in USA. He is a man who is very vibrant and spreads positive vibes when around. He is friendly and cheerful. He believes that time should always be used wisely and productively. We have a choice to be happy with the things we have. He is a proven example of this and no wonders he is a great inspiration and motivation to people around him here!