Denim: The Never Ending Fashion Apparell


When it comes to its aesthetic part, you can simply look ‘wow’ and striking once you wear double denim in the right way that matches you. According to Robert F. Burke, who is a an avid denim collector and a fashion afficianado, double denim is such a fashion which will be liked by people throughout the world and the style will continue for eternity. Robert gete very passionate when it comes to anything related to denim. He also loves playing ice hockey, baseball and basketball with his friends and neighbors. Another great passion of Robert is his great interest in cooking delicious foods.

Denim is basically a well stapled fabric and an outfit that is loved by men and equally by women. Robert thinks that there is hardly any youngster who is not having blue jeans in his wardrobe. It comes in different styles like shirts, jackets and jeans. When you think of wearing double jeans, you must consider the right style, color and the blend that matches you the best. There are a number of things that one should ponder, prior to wearing double jeans. Other than the figure, one’s complexion, height or hair colors are some points that should be taken into consideration.  According to the denim enthusiast Robert F.Burke that, while styling a double denim, keep in mind that the two parts of denim, the upper and lower, should not have exactly identical shades. The beauty of double denim lays in its accurate contrast.

Despite the fact that most people prefer putting on blue jeans, however, denim can be found in varieties of colors, shades as well as stripes. Therefore blend the denim outfit with distinct shades for each part.  As for example, if you’re wearing blue jeans, it is the best choice to match it with a black or dark blue denim jacket. Robert. F. Burke has wide understanding about the fabrics, colors and shades of denim and by reading his blogs in the social media sites; you can gain great ideas about how to choose better jeans. As versed by Robert that while paring your denim shirt or jacket and trouser, keep in mind that they should fit you rightly. As it would be fitted, ensure that the jacket rests above your hips. Expose the type of shirt or t-shirt you wear from the underneath, which looks great.

Robert F. Burke lives in greater LA area and has great passion to gather different type of denim products. He is also a buyer of all menswear produces. His wide range of collections can simply make anyone spellbound. He has also passion in different types of sports. However, his most favorite games are basketball and ice-hockey. Whenever, he finds time and friends and the chance, he is seen playing in different playgrounds. Robert’s favorite teams are West Coast- the LA Kings and LA Lakers. To conclude, he loves cooking various types of mouth watering cuisine items and never misses watching the episode Master-Chef. To get in touch, you can communicate with Roberts though social media sites.

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