Essential Spare Parts for Heavy Industry


The mining industry is huge in Australia, and it is one of many industries that demand the most from heavy machinery. In hot and dusty conditions, heavy machinery works day in, day out, stopping only for scheduled maintenance sessions, and in order to do that, you will require an extensive list of spare parts. While this has always been a requirement, there are innovative solutions available, with specialist engineering companies that re-engineer components.

Popular Manufacturers

Let’s take the biggest manufacturer of heavy equipment, and for any mining project, you will need Caterpillar parts, with giant earthmovers and excavators working round the clock, and without a good supply of spare parts, it won’t be long before your operation grinds to a halt. There are companies who work in association with Caterpillar, and can actually engineer a part to be more suitable than the original. Some components are put under extreme pressure, and perhaps you experience regular down time due to this, but if you consult the right engineering outfit, they design and manufacture a replacement part that is more suited to the task at hand, thus eliminating the regular repair issue.

Customised Engineering

By taking a component and looking at how it can be improved, it is possible to customise precision parts to offer improved performance and durability. With a dedicated team of engineers, they would be able to offer solutions to many headaches, and by improving the design, you are reducing the risk of further breakdowns. The ideal company would thrive on the challenge of re-engineering a component to make it perform better, and with many years of hands-on experience, there isn’t a job they couldn’t handle.

Parts Supply

Every mining operation requires a reliable supplier to keep the heavy machinery in good working order. There isn’t much point in carrying out a maintenance session, if the part you need hasn’t arrived yet, so it is essential to have a supplier that is flexible and customer focused, and if the bespoke engineering company are also leading suppliers of parts, then you have killed two birds with one stone. Prompt service is a requirement for any supplier, but in the mining industry, downtime is not appreciated, and essential parts must be available when they are needed.

Online Solutions

Once you have sourced a reliable supplier, they would have a dynamic website, from where you could easily place an order, or perhaps forward some data in relation to a possible re-engineering project. Time is of the essence in any business, and especially so with mining. One can simply not afford to have any machine offline, which requires an extensive support structure, and if you can communicate instantly with your major supplier, there is no time wasted. Having a partnership with such a company will ensure that all your heavy equipment is kept in good order, and with re-engineering, you can actually improve performance.

Customised components offer many advantages, not just for mining, but across a range of industries, and with precision engineering and innovative design solutions, your heavy equipment will always be up to the job.