Get side effect free muscle buiding in least time using Anadrol!


Many of us are wary of using the anabolic steroids for building our body although they show results very fast! The prime reason why we bother is that they generally have side effects that are negative, and these drugs are in fact notorious for that. They show results well but leave a permanent damage inside the body that starts to show once these drugs are withdrawn.

In the quest of a safe anabolic steroid, a lot of research has gone in. In fact, there are drug agencies that are run by authorities and governments to test the negative effects of the drugs and accordingly alarm the users. Intensive research for over a long time has resulted in giving us a few anabolic steroids that are absolutely free of the negative side effects. One of them is the tried and tested Anadrol.

How Anadrol works

Anadrol, also known as Anandrole in the world of pharma and drugs, is one of the safest of drugs used. It shows great results if taken in the right dosage and the time taken to do so is also the least. The way it works makes sure it does not leave any negative side effect that the body will fail to cope up with in time. It has a good half-life during which its traces remain in the blood. As a result of the traces being there for 2 weeks or more, the negative effects of leaving the drug after completing its course are diminished and one can lead a normal life without much of a problem!

Good sides of the drug Anadrol

Anadrol helps in achieving the following features in the body:-

  • It increases the RBC count that helps to carry excess of oxygen in the blood stream to all parts of the body. This helps in faster and effective body building.
  • It increases the appetite that helps to add on lean mass to the muscles. One must be sure to follow a healthy diet that is devoid of fat during these times.
  • It enhances protein synthesis in the body, thereby controlling and maintaining the nitrogen content that in turn helps the synthesis process.
  • It eases out any joint pain that one may develop or experience at the time of exercising.
  • It adds about 20-30 pounds of weight in the form of lean mass to the body within 30 days of starting the dosage.
  • It does not dilate the blood vessels that many other anabolic steroids tend to do. By doing this, one can ensure more of blood rush and hence more oxygen transfer to the remotest corners of the body; but at a later stage, this causes uncontrollable variations in blood pressure, leading to increased tendencies of heart attacks and stroke.

Anadrol, used orally or injected, can help get fast results without affecting the health in a negative way. The prescribed dosage is 50 mg although 25 mg also suits many an individual. The daily dosage may not exceed 50 mg in order to get best results.