Guide to Seawater Desalination for Hotels and Resorts


Many hotels that are located in remote areas do not have access to the public water supply so they rely on desalination plant to provide clean water for them. The public water supply may not be as clean as the desalinated water. Clean water plays a crucial role in the success of the hotel especially in waterpark resorts. The demand for clean water is increasing due to more and more tourists coming to visit the country.

In the desalination hotel water treatment process, the water is drawn from the ocean with a feed pump into a beach well. The pressure level of the sea water is raised before it enters into the reverse osmosis building. Desalinated water has passes through a filtration process to ensure that it is free from all kinds of contaminants. During the desalination process, salt is removed so that the water will not taste salty like the sea water. It now tastes like the bottled drinking water that you find at the department store.

The filtered water is used for all kinds of activities in the hotel and resorts that require water including shower, cooking, spa and the swimming pool. Hundreds and thousands of gallons of seawater are treated through the desalination process for hotels and resorts every day. About half of the water processed is used as drinking water for the hotel guests.

The IDE desalination system for hotel is able to desalinate the water with lesser components. It has an integral energy recovery system that can help to save up to 75% energy. The lack of fluid exchange in between the feed and brine solution can help to save energy. It consumes approximately 2 kw/h in desalinating one cubic meter of sea water  that has a salinity level of 35,000 ppm.

The reverse osmosis desalination process can be used to filter waste water for use in the operation of the HVAC tower. The desalination plant designed for use at hotel and resorts is energy efficient and will use as little energy as possible to filter the water. No chemical is used during the desalination filtration process. The modular reverse osmosis desalination plant has the capacity of producing at least 500 meter cube of water per day.

The cost of setting up a desalination plant at the hotel is very affordable. It can be customized according to the water requirement of the hotel. You can program it via the remote performance monitoring system. It has a touch screen that give you a glance of the performance. Many desalination plants designed for hotels feature plug and play installation.

The desalination system is built in a container. It is easy to operate and there is very little maintenance cost. Since no chemical is used in the desalination process, there is no need for you to have any experience in chemical handling to dispose the waste. There is also no need to obtain a disposal permit to dispose the brine concentrated solutions that is leftover from the desalination process.