How Allie Experienced What Stardom Is


Immediately after the release of ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’ and achievement of the box office; while talking to the media people in a press conference, the lively teen actress Allie Fremin expressed her sincere gratitude to the film director, producer, team members, her co-actors for their great cooperation that helped her great in reaching  success. The teen girl was rather embarrassed for the overwhelming appreciation that she received from different corners of country, after the film’s release. Practically, she’d never imagined that just doing one film can make her a real celebrity in Hollywood film industry.

Conveying her gratefulness to audiences who loved Allie within a night, she said quite shyly that if someone deserves the entire credit of this incidence, then it must be one of her dad’s best friends, by profession an industrialist. With her shining eyes, modest look she exposed the eventful things that helped her of being in that position. Allie Fremin informed the episode how her playing in a model’s role in product promotional ad clip has changed her career objective and given her the stardom. As she stated that the businessman friend of Allie’s dad wanted Allie to play a model’s role for his upcoming product in American Market. In fact, for acting in this role he was looking for a teenage model with a lively face and sparkling eyes instead of a professional model.

To Allie Fremin this was basically the turning point that backed her to get into the Hollywood film industry. Allie’s modish but modest look magnetized millions of eyes and the news reached to the famous Hollywood film director Casey Kelly who was then looking for such a new face for his proposed film. He met and requested Allie’s father to allow her daughter in playing an important role for his film ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’.

Things advanced like a dream and Allie Fremin had to undergo untiring sessions of rehearsal sessions. With this, a number of film journalists began rumoring about the feature of Casey Kelly’s film and making everyone astonished Casey Kelly proved that his eyes don’t make mistake to recognize the true ‘gem’.  After release, the super entertaining suspense thriller family film became smash hit in American movie industry.

About the Film

The story of Bracelet of Bordeaux’ talks about a newcomer teenage girl Helen Hixon in TX, along with her parents. In a particular sequence, while the girl is returning from her relative’s home through a woody road, Helen heard some other girl’s voice asking for help. By following that scary voice Helen discovered Marie Mire, the next character of this film, in tied situation in a very old broken down house. Once Helen released Marie, she conveyed her in panic that team of criminals has stolen her pet dog.

The whole gang is involved in a crime and the gang is led by a crooked person named Dirk. The brave teen girls were helped by a magic bracelet in finding those offenders and punish them by handing over to police. This eventually brings peace is the society. Accompanied by a series of encounters, great suspense the film is simply grand for young generation to gain knowledge of how to act jointly and bravely to combat social offense.

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