How to clean your commercial fridge with ease


Maintaining a clean fridge is an essential part of running a successful commercial kitchen – a fridge that is clean is a fridge that is safe and hygienic for commercial use. Being clean also means the fridge will function at its best. It might seem a daunting task to keep a commercial fridge at a high level of cleanliness, but these helpful tips will make the task easier.

The first thing to do is to turn off the fridge and disconnect it from the mains power supply. You also need to empty the fridge fully before the cleaning commences. Emptying the fridge also helps you to see whether you need to rotate any food items or replace any worn-out containers.

Use the right chemicals

You need to make sure you have the right chemicals for the job, as using the wrong chemical cleaners can damage the fridge and can also be noxious. Toxic cleaning agents are not ideal to use around a food preparation area. Some chemicals can react with stainless steel, aluminium or rubber, so make sure the combination is safe to avoid discoloration or other damage. Avoid scented cleaning agents, as you should always be able to smell food properly.

The door seals and gaskets should be cleaned well, as these areas can collect bacteria. Washing up liquid is the best cleaner for door seals, and these seals on a commercial freezer or commercial fridge should be cleaned and dried daily. You can also use a sanitiser spray or liquid to clean the unit.

High-quality fridges

It is important to get a high-quality fridge or freezer for your commercial kitchen from a specialist such as commercial refrigeration experts. The higher the quality of your commercial fridge or freezer, the longer it is likely to last. Cleaning will help to maintain your unit and ensure it works as well as it should.

Finally, make sure you clean both the inside and outside of your appliance. To make this easier, try to remove the shelves, trays and floor protectors. Spray everything with sanitiser and leave to dry. Also remember to clean the drainage hole and remove any debris. The condenser filter also needs to be cleaned thoroughly, as this filter is essential for keeping dust and debris out of the air flow system.