Legal Status of Anabolic Steroid



What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic Steroids are body enhancers. Steroid can improve your muscles and bones. Steroids can be taken either through oral, injecting it into the muscle or as a gel. Some people use dietary supplements that have steroid contents or hormones. Some of the adults of today use anabolic steroids to lower their fat, improve or enhance their muscles and some time to increase strength.

For those who are using anabolic steroids is 10 – 100 times higher than the ones being prescribed by doctors for medical problems. In relation to this most users nowadays use 2 or more steroids at once.

Since anabolic steroids are so good in enhancing muscles and the body athletes most of the time use them to improve there physical appearance. In sports, almost everyone is using this from boxing, baseball, bodybuilding even amateur and professional athletes.

Steroid Benefits:

Increased strength in muscle:  Recent research shows that in a span of 6 – 12 weeks you can see the effects upon using this. These researchers show that steroid use can quickly increase muscle strength.

Body size: Testosterone increased bicep, body weight and other parts of the body.

Increased in the healing process:  In some cases, steroids are being used for medical purposes to increase the healing process of patients. But in most cases, steroids now are being abused by using it as body enhancers.

Here are some negative results in using anabolic steroids

Diabetes: In certain cases, the use of steroids can trigger chronically high level of blood sugar to circulate all over the body. The development of high-level blood sugar can lead to diabetes.

Liver and heart damage: The long-term use of steroids may lead you to damage your liver and heart. Men and women who are constantly using steroids are at high risk of obtaining heart attack, high levels of cholesterol, and liver cancer.

Sexual and reproduction disorder:  The use of steroids may lead to sexual and reproduction disorder. Most men that use steroids may experience long-term side effects such as a decrease in sex drive, diminished sperm count and breast and prostate enlargement.

The purchase of steroid in Canada:

There are countries that ban this substance because of its result. If you are looking to purchase steroids in Canada? Be informed of the laws and regulations whether you live inside or outside of Canada. If you are a steroid user or in the path of considering to use it you need to be an educated user.

Because of the illegal use of steroids, government agencies around the world are starting to be more strict when it comes to the use of anabolic steroids. What may be legal for so many years might be illegal today. It is illegal to use steroid without proper prescription for personal use. But it is more illegal to receive steroids through the mail and exporting or importing them.

Summary: There are more negative than positive in using an anabolic steroid. Upon choosing to use this you need to have a solid background of the good and bad benefits of anabolic steroid. In recent days there is a number of alternative anabolic steroids that are being introduced in the market. Some are being featured in some best Canadian sites.