Live Life With Full Zest & Spirit!


There are several people in this world who are very positive and energetic. The moment you come in touch with them they send out amazing vibes that inspire you and make you feel happy from within. They are aware of how to make the most of life and get the best out of even adverse challenges. They are people of enthusiasm and spirit. They show us that life can be lived the way it should provided you have the zeal and love for the things you do and the people you are with. They spread the contagious disease of happiness around and fit to be role models for all to follow. One such human being is David Venn!

David believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This is essential for both mental and physical stimulation. Life should not be confined to just paying bills. You should enjoy it to the fullest. Life should be passionate and you should live each day like it is your last!David is a positive role model in society today. He is currently working as a sales manager in a textile industry. He is skilled in the field of fabric dyeing and loves every moment of his job. He finds it very interesting and original.

The textile industry may seem to be a little boring to many but it is quite challenging and considered to be one of the best places to work in. There is a great scope of triggering off your creativity. David always finds something new and interesting to do every day. He also is a very good business strategist and inspires his team to go the extra mile all the time. He is a good team player and leads by example. He does not believe in instilling fear in his subordinates. It is important for you to actually gain their respect and not fear to be an effective manager. He is an asset to the company he works for and he loves developing innovative approaches for business growth and expansion daily.

When David is not working, he indulges himself in gaming and watching television. After a hard day at work, he always looks forward to come home and start watching TV. He calls his friends over and they play the latest games that have hit the market. David believes in the art of de-stressing after spending hours in the office. When it comes to gaming consoles he is aware of the latest ones that have hit the market. He keeps track of the different consoles and guides friends and family on the best ones to play with. He is fond of graphics, sounds and gaming interfaces. He loves to review them as a player and give advice to gamers who are equally passionate about playing like him.

Life does not mean only work. It is very important for you to de-stress so that you are ready for work the next day with a rejuvenated mind and body. Life should be enjoyable and meaningful. David Venn lives in Sans Francisco and has a pet Labrador called Samuel whom he is deeply fond of.