Looking Your Best for Less


Society today is obsessed with appearance, and this affects every facet of our lives. From the first impression you make on people to interactions with your partner of 30 years, you need to take care of your appearance to develop healthy relationships.

It may seem shallow to focus on appearance, but it is simply one more piece to the puzzle. No one is saying you should prioritize appearance above all else- but you should at least put some importance on it. If you want to be successful- whether in business, romance, or simply on a platonic level with acquaintances and friends, you need to put some basic effort into your appearance.

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Putting a little bit of effort into your appearance can go a very long way, indeed. Make sure you take some time to upgrade your wardrobe and you will find the nature of your relationships improving over time. When you put effort into how you look, people will be drawn to you- whether they have known you for 30 seconds or 30 years.

Putting effort into your appearance sends out the message that you care- not just about yourself, but about your interactions with others. This very first step will smooth social interactions and give you a platform to build upon and demonstrate your genuine interest in building relationships with others.