Partnering health services for the needy


Accidents may happen at road or at work or at home and are always unpredictable. The injuries may not be restricted to wounds, but can be more physical. In such cases, patients may need a physiotherapist along with a doctor. Lately, the availability of a good physiotherapist has been decreased, as many physiotherapists have stopped practicing because there are not enough jobs for them. The scarcity of a physiotherapist has made treatment of physical strains complicated for clinics and hospitals.

MDPT is an innovative solution which brings together a good doctor and a physiotherapist for the patient’s treatment. MDPT Partners act as staffing organization which provides experienced physiotherapist to the Physician along with the facilities. MDTP partners also provide legal services by partnering with service professionals to take care of patient’s benefits and therefore generate revenue for the doctor and physiotherapist.

How it works: 

When a physician contacts the MDPT with the requirement, the experts provide well trained and experienced physiotherapist based on the requirement. MDPT partners assist in putting forward the claims and benefits of the patient. Once you send your patient’s demographic, MDPT will verify the plan, patient benefits, appointment and file the claim through electronic medium.

Physicians can follow up the advancements by using the password allocated. When an insurance company approves and credits the payment, physicians can share a nominal amount for the licensed care provided by MDPT.

Features of MDPT

  • MDPT is an unswerving and the effectual choice for the physicians who intend to provide the finest Physical therapy for assistance to the patients.
  • There is a notable increase in revenue for both physicians and the physiotherapist, as they together can cater the entire patient’s need.
  • MDPT is a simple system, where the physician only has to contact the agency with the patient’s history and demographics. The agency verifies the information and provides physiotherapist based on the patient’s requirement.
  • The system has an easy payment process, as the doctors only have to pay for the patient’s insurance benefits that too, a minimal amount to cover the agencies licensed service.

MDPT is a boon to physiotherapists who was deprived of expected work. Partnering with MDPT network has given the PT’s more contacts, patients and thus more revenue. MDPT Partners are a legally recognized system, which makes it more reliable. MDPT also offers the physiotherapy services at accurate and legitimate rates. Doctor will only have to pay this amount once they are compensated by insurance firm, which makes this service more cost-effective for the MD’s.