Positive Role Model In Life


David Venn is a positive role model for all those who know him. He believes in living life differently and to the fullest. He says that life is meant to be enjoyed- be it work or play.

Secrets to happy living – mind control

David Venn is a successful sales manager in the textile industry. This industry has a lot of targets and the workers are always under pressure to turn leads into sales. The sales job is very stressful and it often takes a toll on your health and mind.

When it comes to David Venn, he proposes to repute the above and think differently. Life is not how it comes to you but how you see it. You have the ability to take control of your life provided you change your approach to life and work. He says that mind power plays an important role in enhancing the quality of your life. The moment you learn how to use it, you effectively are able to transform your life to the best!

Believe in yourself…

Mr Venn is also a positive leader and role model in his company. His subordinates respect him for his vibrancy and enthusiasm. He says that every moment of life is a learning phase and it is important for you to ensure that you keep an open mind and heart. There are times when you will fail and make mistakes but at the end of the day, such errors are stepping stones to success. There is always a silver lining in every cloud. Mr Venn says that you should never be disheartened when life fails you or expectations are shattered- the ray of hope is always there and will motivate you to start again!

Maintain a healthy social life…

Mr Venn believes that maintaining a healthy social life is very important for the welfare of a person. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”- you have heard of this saying. David Venn believes in it. He says that you must ensure that you loosen up at the end of a hard day’s work and do the things that you love to do. This will give you the rejuvenation you deserve. Moreover, when you are looking for the right recreation always do something positive like pursue a hobby or listen to music.

In his case, David Venn comes home to his friendly Labrador Samuel who eagerly waits for his master to come home after work. He also loves spending time with his friends and family. This boosts him up and gets rid of the exhaustion and tiredness. He is also fond of playing video games with his friends and often calls them over to jointly play games. This is interesting and fun for him.

In short, David Venn says that life is meant to be cherished and enjoyed every moment whether at work or play. He says that when you change your attitude towards life, you effectively are able to live it to the fullest always!

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