Smart Reasons to Consider a Used Car


There are more than a few reasons to consider buying a new car, whether it’s simply needing more space or wanting to upgrade to a newer model. The simple fact of the matter is that buying used is the most cost-effective option for any individual looking to get a quality vehicle without the enormous price associated with the purchase. No matter the reason behind your choice to begin your search, you stand to benefit in a variety of ways by avoiding new cars altogether and going straight to the list of used cars that are available.

Money Savings

By looking for used cars for sale in Canberra, you could spend as much as £10,500 less on your purchase. This is due to fast-acting and significant depreciation each new car undergoes the moment it is driven off the seller’s driveway. In fact, if you sign the paperwork for your new car, drive it away, and return it to the car dealership the same day, it is no longer considered a new car and has already lost 20 percent of its value.

During the first three years of use, a new car on average can be worth only 54 percent of what you paid for it, which is a dramatic decrease in value. However, this can work in your favour when you need to buy a new vehicle since used vehicles cost far less than newer options. That said, the amount of value depreciated has to do with the vehicle bought, and you should look into the average depreciation rates if you know what make and model you want to purchase.


Compared to vehicles built a few decades ago, modern vehicles are far more durable and reliable than ever. Whether you purchase an SUV, truck, van, or car, your choice will simply last longer on the road than previous options. According to vehicle experts and manufacturers, the average age of vehicles driven was 11.5 years in 2015, and the number of 12-year-old cars in use in 2020 is slated to rise by 15 percent.


Due to the new availability of car history reports, you can now learn every single aspect of a used car’s lifespan before you sit behind the wheel. You will learn with ease how many owners used the car before you, the number of accidents it has been in, and a validation of the mileage presented by the car. In addition, you can learn specifically what type of accidents were reported with the vehicle, such as floods, collisions, and more.

Although a history report cannot account for every single possible cause for concern with your vehicle, it can help you make an informed decision about your purchase. The ability to have information about the car beforehand can help you keep your costs even lower than ever, which is a big deal for any family on a budget. Whether you are on the market for a used car by choice or not, the ability to save money and have peace of mind should help you find an option with ease.