The punishments related to drugs


Taking drugs and trading drugs are of the same crime. In the present day it has been found that the trafficking of drugs has become one of the greatest problems in many countries. The countries that are located on the coastal areas are one of the greatest destinations of the drug dealers. There are many laws made to crack the system of drug dealing. But it has been found that the dealers found their way and route to trade the drugs. In the present day many countries are making a joint movement to stop the trading of drugs. In this article we will discuss the legal penalties of trading and taking of drugs.

Lifetime imprisonment

In the present day it has been enforced by many countries that the drug traders along with the drug takers will be punished severely for the crime. It has been described as a crime as many young people are hooked on to this business and take drugs for the reasons that re of no use. It has been stated by many top ranking officials of the narcotics department that if the criminals are punished with the life time imprisonment then the trading and taking of drugs would decrease in rate from the previous rate. This imprisonment has been made under different sections of the classification of drugs.

Ineligible bail

The sections for the drug trafficking has been made in such a way that the dealer and the people who is taking the drugs would not get any terms to plea for the bail. In different countries the sections are different. But as this business spread all over the globe another section of law has made it mandatory that the criminal will be punished under the strict law of the country and if his/her guilt is proven then he/she will also get punishment under the law of the country.

Penalty worth of Crores

The law has been made in such a way that the guilty must be punished with the penalty also. If the penalty has not been given then the other people will get the opportunity to trade it illegally. This law has been made in such a way that the criminal cannot get an opportunity to escape from the punishment and has to provide the penalty fees that has been charged against them. This will help in controlling the drugs for having trade illegally along with the people who are becoming a patient of the drugs.

We have discuss the legal penalties that are enforced by various governments of various countries. But now in the present day these penalties are made mandatory for all the countries. If these penalties are not made mandatory then in the later days many people will get the chance to escape from the punishments.

In the present day the police forces are also working on the cases that related to drugs. They are making their level best to arrest the accused at the earliest and also made the trial as fast as possible.