Yeovil Town fans demand improvement in matchday catering


Football clubs are not known for their commitment to serving high-quality food. However, Yeovil Town FC has taken on board criticism from fans and is overhauling its tea service for match days. Huish Park will start serving a greater variety of food from new tea bars with a hotline for visitors to report any issues with food or service. Read on to discover the changes being rolled out at Yeovil.

Special diets catered for

There are many new ideas being introduced to the Yeovil match day programme for supporters and visiting fans. There will be a greater number of special foods on offer throughout the season with special diets taken into consideration. It has also been noted that tea bars should not run out of products before half-time, so stocks will be better and more plentiful at all times.

Another change is the extra pop-up tea bar being opened by the Junior stand called Glovers on a Roll. This bar will serve burgers and other popular foods to help reduce the queues at the main bars. There are also plans for another pop-up tea bar at the corner of the Radio Cabs Stand to help with demand on match days.

Improvements in quality

Catering at football grounds has improved in recent years with the improvements in attitude, food variety, food quality and catering supplies. Football clubs can get good quality supplies easily form expert stockists such as, so there is no excuse not to prepare food in a professional way. Football clubs are taking the quality of their food more seriously and some football clubs are pushing the envelope even further with vegetarian options. Forest Green Rovers have gone entirely over to vegan food with no meat served at all at the club. Forest Green Rovers is the first club in the world to take this step.

Speedy service

At Yeovil the food changes are plentiful. In addition to the extra pop-up bars and new menu, there are plans in place for a standalone ‘speed’ tea bar in the Marquee, which will serve as a bar designated for faster-paced service. More staff members will also be employed to help serve the customers, so it is almost guaranteed that fans will be able to get food more quickly in future at Yeovil Town’s ground.